Kristin Kaplan : Business Strategy & Project Managment | Make more money in less time with a solid pricing strategy and better systems.
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Join me for a new podcast episode each week where we uncover how to create more efficient businesses through careful planning, the right mindset, and solid systems. When we can make more money in less time, we work smarter not harder and are able to design a balanced life and profitable business that that both bring us joy.

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I’m an entrepreneur, wife, mother of three, and extreme list maker. A northerner by way of Los Angeles, I am now happily settled just outside Nashville, Tennessee and love everything about living in the suburbs of Music City. After spending 10 years managing a successful wedding planning company, Stunning Events, I now help creatives and online experts plan and manage profitable businesses that fit into purpose-driven lives.

I believe that with careful planning, the right mindset, and systems in place, we can work smarter not harder to create a profitable business and design a balanced life that both bring us joy.

So how did I get here?

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Let's Strategize

Do you have a roadblock in your business that you need help navigating through? Whether it’s strategizing your next revenue stream or launch, mapping out a new workflow or automation system, or helping you create new ideas and structure for your pricing strategy, sales process, or funnels, during our 90 minute strategy intensive we will tackle your business pain point.

Project Planning

Is the back-end of your business in need of some organization? Are your systems and workflows a hot mess? Are you feeling overwhelmed by an upcoming launch? As your project manager, I take “a peek under the hood” of your business (so-to-speak), and over the course of 6 weeks, work with you to streamline your systems, create workflows, and implement all of your projects and tasks into a project management system. I can also break down that next big launch into manageable steps, create a project plan, and oversee it all.

Online Business Management

If you’re a successful female boss seeing big growth but feeling pulled in a million directions and overwhelmed by the day-to-day operations and managing your team, it’s imperative that you have someone who can oversee all the inner workings of your business so that you can do what you do best, be the CEO. As your Online Business Manager (or COO), I advise you in your overall business strategy, handle the back-end systems of your business, keep you focused on the tasks you need to prioritize, and manage your team.


I Believe That Your Business Should Fit Into Your Life Rather Than The Other Way Around. When We Plan For Success And Work Smarter Not Harder, We Can Design More Profitable Business And Lead More Balanced Lives.