Kristin Kaplan : Business Planning & Strategy | Business Accelerator
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The Business Accelerator
What if you could feel more relaxed and confident in your business?


What if you had a business roadmap that connected your offers, ideal client, marketing and sales strategy, and financial goals with an action plan that clearly defined your goals and laid out a step-by-step execution process to achieve them? What if you had a more profitable business that gave you the freedom to work only when you want to?


If you’re constantly in hustle-mode and feeling like you should have made a million dollars by now but you’re still stuck at the same level OR if you’re feeling like you have so much information and SO many ideas but you’re not sure what steps you should take right now…you need a plan and a system.


With my Business Accelerator program we will work together to not only create the business roadmap but also break down your goals into an action plan and create a full project management scope in Asana so that you have a step-by-step process to actually execute.


 When you create more structure in your business through clearly defined goals, streamlined systems, and an execution strategy, you can work less but achieve MORE…revenue, results, and relaxation. 

To learn more, fill out my client intake questionnaire below and let’s take the next step toward more freedom in your business and life.